Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sankei Paper Kits

I recently revisited the world of the paper model with some products by Sankei. I said I wasn't going to do it again after the last time I tried them out - a disaster - but, I've grown as a modeler and I thought that I would give it another go to see if I could do a bit better now that I've had some crafting and skill building time in. And, I have to say, the experience was better.

Sankei's kits are really nice and they are high quality. The hardest part is the building. It's not a matter of an inferior product. It's the skill of the builder that determines the outcome. The kits are far cheaper than plastic models, too. A pre-built building that cost $45 in plastic can be had for $15 in a Sankei kit and the Sankei kit will often have more detail to it than the plastic building. It's weight makes it easier to ship as well, so your overseas shipping costs will be lower, too.

But, again, it comes down to the skills and the patience of the builder. I'm better, but I still have some detail and finish work to work out in my skill sets. :)

I really enjoyed the "zen" nature of the process. I've put things together from kits and have even tried my hand at some kitbashing and scratch building using styrene, but the paper products really need a tender hand when you're putting them together. It's worth it for sure - the results are grand and a fine addition to the scene, but you really need to remember to breathe and relax when you're working on them.

Sankei Paper Models on HOBBY SEARCH

The kits come flat with the instructions built into the packaging.

Building in Z scale. Still a LOT of detail

The finished products look fantastic...when time and effort is put into the building process.

I got three kits this round. 

Bus Stop Kit -    I failed at this one the first round! :)

and this complex Rickshaw Kit -

I had the most fear about the rickshaw. The wheels had small spokes and there were small details I thought my big, bear hands would mangle for sure, but it really worked out well.

The handy instructions built right into the product packaging. Very handy with easy to follow steps.

FAR better than the first time I tried my hand at these paper models!

You can see that there is a lot of detail in this tiny, nscale model including textures and small carvings in this case.

I even purchased the Bus Stop kit I failed at the first go around to see if it was easier this time. FAR better results!

The Bus Stop kit before adding the sheet metal siding paper covers

So, the experience was worthwhile and I can see getting additional kits in the future - especially for items like these to add to the scene. Of course, these will only work well for people doing Asia modeling for the most part. Definitely worth a look.

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