Thursday, November 29, 2012

Soyokaze Harbor: Outside Shots

Man! I love shooting my N Scale stuff outside in natural light! It really adds a natural look to the scene and the background greenery helps to sell it as well. The Soyokaze Station shots I took outside looked good, but I think the sundown light with the orange cast really made this layout section pop.

Comments welcome.

More shots can be found here:

Signage was fun. Simple prints of real signs and some signs that came with the Tomytec sets.

Keeping things busy.

I want to have a lot of these sorts of details - conversations and interactions.

My scratch built fish cart there next to the fence. It turned out pretty good. I'll need to take additional photos soon.

Seawall and landscape details


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      I followed back to your blog. I'll be checking it out tomorrow! I'm a huge fan of yours via Instagram.