Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shizuka News: Earthquake hits!

SHIZUKA NEWS: Earthquake Shakes Up Shizuka, But Residents Unfazed
Shizuka residents were awakened this morning at 8:39am by a minor earthquake. The 3.5 quake ruffled feathers and broke some windows, but nothing more was reported. Morning traffic returned to normal in the later hours of the morning.

"It was shocking to feel the earth move like that while drinking my coffee," said one Shizuka resident. "I didn't need me coffee after that!"  

Minor aftershocks were reported in the hours after the main quake hit, but residents didn't seem too shaken by the morning's events.

"We had planned a trip to Soyokaze later tonight and we're still going. This quake won't separate us from our delicious fish dinner!"

:::::  I walked into my office this morning to find bits of my layout on the floor and shifted and shoved. I think someone hit the table it's siting on while vacuuming the office. The "layout" as it stand now is just a Kato Unitrack setup and it's not set at all, so the cleanup was minor, but it did leave me wondering how it happened. :)   :::::

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