Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oakland operation

(Thought OAKLAND and wrote ALAMEDA - corrected :) )

Really just a side note, but I think it would be really cool to work out something for operations in Oakland California. There is so much there. Shipping, trains and trucks. Containers from all over the word being shipped out via truck and train. It just seems awesome. What a great layout op.

Focus could be on "AREA A" with trains running and trucks being loaded and ships being unloaded.

I don't know - seems like an operations score.

Of course, it won't be me - I'm dealing with Japan. :)


  1. Alameda is actually the island just to the south. The Oakland yard was also known as the desert yard. On the eastern end is currently a service facility for California Amtrack.

    1. Thought OAKLAND and wrote ALAMEDA. This is actually further up from the Alameda spot. (Mad dash posting between kid naps :) )

      Very interesting area. I love driving past and seeing all the cranes unloading the ships that cruise past our house all the time. :)