Thursday, June 27, 2013

Japanese Rail Blog

Oh my goodness. ::::drool::::

I just found this rail blog from Japan and I can't stop going through it!

Really some amazing work! The level of detail and the building construction is really grand and right on par with what I'm looking at doing on my Shizuka city layout. Like, spot on. I love the fact that there is a blend of Japanese and German models on the layout, but the kitbashing and modifications make them all flow seamlessly together into one, fantastic environment.

And the streets....and parking....the trains.....the backgrounds....EVERYTHING!  So good!

I'm furiously snatching down the photos to use as reference. REFERENCE, mind you, not to copy. I want to have my own style for sure, but I want to have the photos around to keep my brainstorming moving. There are so many fantastic ideas in here.

I'm loving the levels going on here. Buildings and streets flow, but there are times where the street dips down under or pops up higher and it helps to break up the scene nicely. And, the whole of the layout occupies very little space, but the density of the whole of it is so thick and rich that there is a TON to look at.

There are many production photos on the site as well with some step-by-step construction details that I'm sure many kitbashers would love to take a look over. 


July 2nd Update:
I've talked with Ichiro and he has passed along some additional links!

Ichiro's YouTube Channel

Recent Work


  1. Great find, I am also building a City Layout, this will help no end.

    Well done again, super Blog.

    1. :)
      Yes, these step-by-step breakdowns of his bashes are brilliant. And the "thinking outside the box" way he does things is very cool as well. Some good thoughts here for sure.
      I've written, but I didn't hear anything back. I probably gushed too much and freaked him out! hehehe

      I'm chomping at the bit to get started, but know I'm at least 3 to 6 months out. Much planning to be done.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Holy koi, Batman! It sure captures the sense of urban activity. Great find.

    1. Right?! Some fantastic work and inspiration here!

  3. Super Great!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello! Dear Malcolm.
    Thank you for mail and introducing my layout. I have not my blog.I have web site only.And my page onry Japanese,not english. I am glad that a foreign person looks at my web site.
    I have YouTube movie,please show it.

    And my recent work appears in this page.

    If you had a question to see the photograph in my page, please ask you a question in my BBS.

    I introduce your blog in my web site. I was glad that you made a layout of the Japanese scenery.Have you lived in Japan?

    1. Hello!
      Your work has been well received - people love it!
      Thank you for the coverage and detail. The site translates rather well using Chrome, so i can read it at length without problem.

      Sadly, I have not been to Japan (YET!), but I love Japanese rail and the look and feel of Japan as a whole. I've always been interested in Japan and Japanese culture.

      Thank you for thinking about posting about my blog. I'm in the process of combining my city and country modules and I'm very excited about it even though the process will take a while.

      Pleasure meeting you!

  5. Hellow!
    I thought that you stayed in Japan. Due to when I watched a layout in your blog, I feel it is Japanese made.
    I was able to enjoy , see your Japanese scene.

    I pray for the day when you visit Japan coming.And I want you to enjoy Japanese real scenery.

    1. Thank you, Ichiro! I take that as a rather large complement for sure. I appreciate it! :) That fact that you thought it was made there in Japan fills me with pride.

      I'll make it over there one day. I really need to. I'll have to bring three empty suitcases and a lot of money when I come. I'll also be taking thousands of photos. So much to see.


  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing Ichiro's website and layout with us! I am probably the least inspired / motivated when it comes to details and setting up little scenes (I really just wish I could dump a box of Prieser figures onto the layout and be done with it!) but this is really exciting to see these photos and get some inspiration! Cool!

    1. The level of detail is great. I'm totally a "scene" guy and this is definitely where I want my detail work to be. Little "OH! look at this thing here!" moments all over the layout. It gives so much to work on.

      Can't wait! :)