Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rios Tam Interview

Hong Kong resident and model railroader Rios Tam was nice enough to meet with me via WebEx to talk trains. I was meeting very early and Rios was meeting late in the day, so please forgive my sleepy tone at times. I really needed to be on my second cup of coffee instead of my first. :)

Rios has been into the hobby for a relatively short time, but he and his girlfriend have made some major progress on their main layout - the third for them.

I've put together some supporting graphics to go along with the audio portion, but I've also included a simple version of the audio file in case you would like to listen via iPhone, iPod or other MP3 players.    The MP3 can be found here.

There are also additional links that Rios provided below.


Little Display Layout

First Mini Layout with KATO CV1 + Tomix Bus Running system

Second Mini Layout with Tomix R150 + Tomix Bus Running system

Z Scale Display layout

My Main Layout Track Plan

DIY Optical Fiber Railroad Cross

DIY Wooden Bridge

Layout Overhead Lighting System

Layout Cover System

Buildings LED lighting System

Layout Backdrop

DIY Optical Fiber Signal Light

Modular Layout 1

Modular Layout 2

Method on Storing the Modular Layout

Display CD Rack Layout

Dust preventing system for the CD Rack

Using Transparent Plastic sheet and fixed with a Strong Magnet.

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