Monday, July 21, 2014

Tomytec Bus Sytem in action

I really enjoy this TomyTec bus system.
Seeing the wheels turn and the bus moving through the landscape makes me happy. :)
However, I still get the same feeling I get when i see trains running.

"We aren't the people and cars moving? That's just...odd."  hehehehe  

However, this really does add to the scenery and the fun of this little scene. Being able to run the buses through the winding roadways, having them stop at bus stops and over little humps that make them bounce along is a lot of fun!


Published on Jun 26, 2013
N gauge size of Tommy Tech bus model (scale 1:150) "The bus collection to commemorate the 10th anniversary "(Basukore) Release," Basukore complete (stock) Neko Publishing June 28 is all manual " It is published in. 
 As one of the articles inside is also a featured product of Tommy Tech "Basukore travel system I have posted using the "" diorama of the Miura Peninsula bus run around "the (900 × 600mm) has.The system is intended that self-propelled on the road the bus model has been determined, the easier you have them traveling is what try to run in fact poetry. In this study, the running scene of the bus I have created a video with a focus. Please visit along with the magazine. 
Diorama Craft: Shimbo Mitsutoshi


  1. Oh, because of this layout, I brought that book, haha. It is really impressive. It is base on a real scenic to build.

    1. Its a great setup. I love the bus system. I'm just not going to pull it off for round one of my layout. :)