Thursday, July 31, 2014

Soyokaze and Shizuka Helicopter Tour

I was looking at some of my shake-cam, iPhone video :::grin::: and a helicopter ride came to mind. That classic "shot from the copter" footage you used to get back in the 70s before image stabilization and other cool tech that stopped the bouncing.
So, I just tossed this together as another little fun nugget for the world I'm crafting.

As I put thing like this together, I'm realizing that the stuff I'm interested in is really the scenes and the world, not so much the model rail "craft", as it were. I like things to look good, to be clean and not sloppy, but I'm not so concerned with the prototype or things of that nature. I like playing and creating.

As a matter of fact, I'm currently working out a few more "Soyokaze Stories" based on some of the scenes and locations I have going currently. I'm not even sure people read them other than my Mother and I, but I still like writing them. hehehehe   I take that back - I think Vera S. has read a few. :)

Keep having fun - that's my bottom line.


  1. The last minute of the video is very stable, did you use a stabilizer on that? Very nice! :)

    1. The last part is my Soyokaze Shelf Layout - a very small section mounted to the wall. I think the height of it and smaller size made it easier to hold the camera steady. heheheh
      Thanks for looking!