Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Modelers Life Podcast

I - like many of you reading this now - listen to MODEL RAIL RADIO religiously. It's a fantastic podcast. There was a post on the MRR Facebook group recently saying that one of the regulars was starting a new podcast with another regular called A Modelers Life. I finally made time to listen today and have to say that Lionel Strang and Jim Rindt have done a fantastic job with the podcast - an interview style, in-depth look at people in the model railroad hobby.

From the iTunes page:

The first episode focused on Tom Barbalet - the creator of Model Rail Radio himself. The MRR format is grand and kinetic, but Modelers Life and it's single focus is a very cool look at one person and what makes them who they are. Lionel's interview style is simple and free flowing and very conversational which works well in this situation. I felt like I was sitting at a table talking over "an adult beverage" after a fine meal. :)

Lionel and Jim are very personable and have a playful nature that I loved.

The only (very minor) downside I had was the sound mix. Like many other podcasts with two speakers, they've broken the audio into one person per ear and that's a pet peeve of mine I plan on following up with Lionel on in the near future. However, that' a small item when you think about the potential there is for some fantastic interviews with dedicated modelers in the future.

WELL worth a listen even if you're just slightly interested in the hobby of model railroading or have an interest in what makes people tick. Check it out!


  1. I liked it as well, but it seems Tom's part was in stereo which reduces the problem a little bit. It really gets annoying though when you have headphones on and the conversation is bouncing around like that :)

    1. True. However, as far as issues to deal with goes, it's nice that it's a simple audio mix issue and not something like a horrid static or something. :) The mix will be easy to address, really.