Friday, August 8, 2014

More sections complete

I don't have complete knowledge, but I have a desire to learn. :)

I've been reading and reading and reading and watching and watching and I finally bit the bullet and dove in on some scenery. I just had to jump on. I equate it to watching the merry-go-round spinning and wanting to jump on. At one point, you have to jump.

I've heard other modelers on MODEL RAIL RADIO talking about plans and ideas and the like for years and years without actual action. I didn't want to end up like that - talking about what I had planned and sitting in hibernation waiting to move ahead. So, I dove in and it's ok. Not great, but not horrid. :)

The first section I did was ok. A little vegetation and the like plopped into place. So, I took what I learned there and started in on the "farm" area. The idea behind it was that the while of the farm is not visible on the layout, but will be visible in the background I paint up. This allows for a little farm look without having a whole farm section.

The big thing I learned here was that FINE Woodland Scenics ites work better with the N scale items I have going on my layout. Medium and Coarse products are just too large - huge boulders in the landscape. The Fine products are the way to go in N overall.

I've used multiple reference photos to try and get a read on how things would look in general, then I've riffed off of that to move forward.

I played around with some items like flowers in the greenhouse. A purple flower of some sort being grown for some reason. :)

Things look rather barren at the moment, but people will add a lot to the scene in the near future.

The second spot I worked on was the station area. I filled in the area around the station and planned out the pathways people would use to get from the station to the rest of the area.

Again, I've been using reference photos to make sure I get a similar look and feel to the surrounding area. The addition of a little group of back houses really helped the scene. Something is going on back there. Some sort of utility shed situation.

I need to do another round of details, but I like the look so far. Again, people will add so much to the scene here.

Round one of details behind the rest stop. I'm not really sure what's going in here yet. A pond area with trees, perhaps. :::shrug:::  I want to add a bunch of rail details and clean all of the rail areas up as well. I plan to have workers working the trackage and milling about.

I have the Greenmax Rail Maintenance Car built and weathered. I like how it turned out, but may do another round of detailing.

"I'm telling you - I saw the Temple Ghost! You don't have to believe me, but it's true!"  :)

It's odd seeing less wood deck and more greenery and scenery. Odd in a good way. I keep thinking, " this really coming together after all these years?!"  LOL    Of course, there's more to be done, but...HA! I'm actually doing this! FUN! :)

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  1. A nice try, it looks much better than my layout :) The worst part of mine is the ballast ><