Friday, August 8, 2014

More scenic photos and madness

I'm not going to bore you too much. Just more scenic photos. The game plan is to keep adding more and more foliage and the like to build things up to the level of some of my reference photos and favorite rail videos.

This 42 minute one has been downed and watched MANY times. :)

And so....onward! :)



Loving this little area. Can't wait to get people in the scene.

For posterity. :) I realized that I didn't have many photos with me AND the layout.

Progress. Again, needs more layers.

I think I might actually be to a spot where I can safely lock the Naze bridge down. a bit. :)
While I like how things are progressing on the scenic side of things, I'm still seeing too much space in the Village area. I might have to compress the buildings I already own - scrunching them up a bit more and adding other scenic elements...or...purchase a few more buildings. :)

I'm thinking the compression is the way to go. I have some scenic details that I'd like to see in the village area. It's close, but not quite what I'm going for. Both the Village area and Town area need another re-vamp and re-org. Close,

And, in other news....

I'm adding this to the ever growing list of details I'd like to add to my layout. It's a little wall area I found here in Oakland that I really enjoy. I think it will add some interest. 

I also still have my heart set on some pedestrian overpasses, a bridge spanning from Shizuka up to Soyokaze Hill and a skywalk walkway between two buildings. I just need to stop moving things around long enough to make some of these happen! :)

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