Thursday, February 26, 2015

Helicopters in Soyokaze

Some new helicopter acquisitions. These are most likely going to live off the layout in mini-scenes, but it was fun shooting them in the layout space for a minute. :)

These are from the HELIBORNE gashpon collection from F•Toys. The "candy toy" selections that have numerous possible items in boxes - making the buyer buy and buy until they get what they want! heheheh  

They have some fantastic detail and seem to work well with the N scale items I have seeing as they are 1/144 scale. Not too shabby. I found a spot that has them, but it's a toy story primarily, so the boxes sit there gathering dust - tucked away with models in the back. They run about $8 each there which is a bargain seeing as they can cost up to $14 each in some areas.

I love this gray, EH-101 MERLIN! A great, big 'ole copter that I'll have to build a little special scene for. Here it is flying over Soyokaze. :)

Then there's the German ADAC BK117 copter. A cool style, but it'll live on another module somewhere seeing as it's a German medical style copter.

 The DOCTOR-HELI was my first purchase a while back. $13 on eBay plus shipping. But, I knew what it was when I purchased it instead of having to buy till I got it. It's a EC145. Pretty close to the BK117, I guess.

 The KV-107 is another big guy. Unfortunately, I got two of the same one when I made a purchase from my spot. The hazard of this gashpon situation. It's a fun game...sometimes. Sometimes it's a drag. hehehe   However, one will live in the air above the layout and one will be on the ground in a little module/scene of some sort later. Fun stuff.

I can't recall whick copter this is, but it's currently living on my little helipad building on the new Farm Hill scene. 

I've always loved copters. It's fun having several on the layout. :)


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