Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Plaza Japan on eBay

I just had to say that I had yet another awesome interaction with Plaza Japan on eBay. They are one of my go-to Sellers there. A grand selection of items and fantastic service.

This time, I ordered some items (Freelance perk to offset the pain of working all the time) and there was an issue with the order. An eBay glitch split my one order into to. I had received a confirmation of one part shipping, but not the other. It showed that I purchased a loco, but it wasn't shown as sent.

I voiced my concern and they replied withing the hour stating that they could put both orders together and refund some of the shipping fee. Boom boom boom - shipped and done.

They also gave me some info engine I wanted before I purchased it. Again, super quick and helpful.

Japan modelers who need to order from overseas - Plaza Japan is a good way to go. 


  1. I've also always had good results with them as well. I'll buy a bigger (shipping cost) and some smaller items and overall shipping is just a little bit more than the bigger item by itself.