Friday, March 6, 2015

General layout update - no additional track right now

After doing a little audit of my layout, I've decided to hold off on additional track for the layout - neither on the main line or the subway section. I just have too many areas I'd rather focus my efforts on. Those little details that I've been so interested in taking on are finally coming to a point where I can start in on them. I have a LOT of those details planned, so I am choosing to focus on getting into some of them rather than building more track and dealing with everything that goes along with that process.

More work on the station area:

Getting my track work around the bridge working better and getting buildings more set into the scenes. 

Sorting out my backdrop drama.

I have many little areas that I have not even thought about. This back street area is something I rarely even think about. seeing it from the back really makes the need to address it apparent. :)

Shizuka needs a LOT of attention. Don't even get me started taking about lighting.

The Soyokaze Farm area is coming along, but there are other parts to the area that need to be addressed. Road markings are a must for the whole layout. 

The Village area of the layout is moving forward.

The Town is ALMOST to my liking. I need to take the streets in a bit still - make them smaller. 

I still dig this section. :)   I just need to get some people working in the bus station area.

So, in short, there is so much to do on my layout as it stands, there's no real need to do more track at the moment. Granted, a longer run for my Kato subway train would be nice, but the finances behind getting more track and the like just doesn't make sense at this point. I have options for the future, but I'll deal with that in the future. hehehehe


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