Friday, March 6, 2015

Pola N210 - Lokschuppen - scenery update

A while back, I did a Pola kit build and weathered it. At the time, I was happy with the outcome.

Over three years later, I have a whole new outlook on scenic materials and working with them. Seeing what I had done originally didn't really it with the way I do things now, so I thought I'd re-do the scenery a bit to update it.  I thought it would make a new spot to showcase the lovely Micro-Trains piece I got during MODEL RAIL RADIO Show 100

The orange ballast look had to go.

The new pass is working for me, though I think it could use another detail pass to pep it up a bit. 

The Canadian National needs to be weathered up, but I like the look on this piece.

Now I want to write a little story about just why that police car is parked out in front! :)

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