Tuesday, April 21, 2015

More N scale subway ideas

Some rather interesting subway ideas in this video. Yes, I'll be stealing them. :)  This guy is thinking about these items in interesting ways. Reminds me of some of Rios Tam's work. He, too, is working within a small space, but has managed to pack a lot of great action and scene work into the layout by thinking about things and working through cool ways to execute.

My idea about using the duct aluminum tube material is proving to be harder than I had expected. It tends to crimp and rip with ease, so getting clean cuts is rough. I was also looking the area over a few days ago and realized that if I went with my original plan of action, I'd be cutting off a view of 60% of the track which would be somewhat sad. It's the only area where I can run my longer KATO train.

This, in turn, makes a case for that longer run option - building out the subway section to run into my back storage room area and back.

This is another cool subway video.

Hmmmm....guess I need to do some more freelance work! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing these videos.

    Those first two scenes in the first video actually had the overhead wires modeled ! Very convincing, wonder if they are N or HO ? The pipe he shows looks similar to 3 or 4 inch ABS waste pipe available from HD or Lowes except the walls seem thinner. When I visited the Kato store a few weeks ago they had a track set up inside a clear pipe to give the viewer the idea of how one could model a subway scene. I'll include that photo in my next post.

    1. Hey there Brad - thanks for reading!
      He models in N - I believe this is an N scale layout. I love the wires. I plan to use EZ line for my wires once things are a little more together. I think it will be a nice look.
      I'd love to see a photo of that other setup. Heh...tried using duct as I said and...yeah...a firm PVC-type pipe would be easier to work with in many ways! :)