Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Soyokaze Harbor loading area

I managed to get some hobby time in recently!

First up was my harbor loading area. Something simple to mix things up a bit. I wanted something that fit into the current layout of the scene and that I could scratch build myself. I thought I'd try another pass at using foam core for this. Seeing where it was, I thought it might work out.

I cut some foam core to fit the curve I had in place.

I had it sprayed, but I remembered that I didn't like the look of the exposed core, so I thought a ramp would cover it nicely. :)

I kept things super simple and clean, adding a few scraps of styrene as rails and bumpers to prevent trucks from rolling off the edge of the loading area.

I was rather pleased with hos it turned out. It's not perfect by far, but it's adding a lot to the scene.

I started adding some details to the inner area. I'm giving thought o having a roadway crossover section between the inner and outer sections. It might be another fun detail.

Oops! I forgot to set up the two guys and crate on the left by the silver van! MEDIC! :)
So, the Soyokaze Harbor area continues to be a bit further along than the rest of the layout. It's always been a bit further ahead, actually. I'm drawn to the area. I think it's due to the tasks there - all of them seem like things I can actually complete somewhat painlessly. :)

Next up, my fishing boat fire repair project and more Sankei buildings.

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