Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weathering and more

More hobby time!

A new TOMYTEC Freight Liner purchase. A nice little two pack with some nice details.

I snagged a TOMYTEC Warehouse B as well. It was perfect for my harbor area. I "built it" (all of nice parts to glue in place) and popped it on the layout for placement. The spot I had picked was a bit small, so I moved some items around and found it a home.

I was trying out some new weathering techniques. Little things I picked up from my idol - Akihiro Morohoshi.  http://www.omorodesign.com/omoro_Site/Diorama/peji/nostalgic_box_%28N%29.html

Post a little grime addition. 

I want to hit some spots with sea bird droppings next. Well...paint to LOOK LIKE sea bird droppings!

Many of my buildings were super clean, KATO "Out-Of-The-Box" buildings.
Two steps: 1. Open box 2. Place building on layout   :)

I wanted to weather them up a bit so they looked like they had actually been around a bit. It managed to help a lot, actually. I'm going through and detailing additional buildings out as time goes on.  I want to roll back in and do more painting on these as well - hitting gutters and trim and the like, but it's a good first step.

I've also started adding more people into scenes. Another huge difference!

I had a great little discussion with the Facebook MODEL RAIL RADIO group about lighting. I had stopped by the local ACE HARDWARE and they had a lighting display set up. I made mention to the group that I really like the "daylight"style bulbs with the blue range light over the orange. The iPhone image I had taken made the differences SUPER dramatic. I think I'm currently leaning toward some sort of light system in the 4200 k  or 5000 k range.

Electricity and I don't see eye-to-eye, so I'll most likely go with some sort of plugin, overhead fixture of some sort. I once saw a fantastic setup for lighting that just used four or five desk lamps, so I'm running a wide range of options through the bat-computer at the moment to see what bubbles to the surface. No rush. Comments and opinions more than welcome!

Matt Goodman provided some great info on the list.
He pointed me to the LET THERE BE LIGHT episode of Model Rail Radio

And he shot me over a link to his blog with another fab example of lighting temperatures and the difference between the two sets of lights he has up currently:
(( Matt - hope it's ok to spread your awesome blog around! ))



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