Thursday, June 11, 2015

Suzukawa Ayako

The super cool, super sweet, Chō kawaīdesu (super cute) Suzukawa Ayako! :)

She does various train and toy reviews (all in Japanese - no captions, sadly) that you don't REALLY need to know what she's saying to enjoy. Her enthusiasm and odd laughter while reviewing some of the items really brings a smile to my face. It's very sweet.

She uses this little set of melodies in her videos that manages to up the cute factor about 50%, bringing the grand total to something like 350% CUTE. :)

A fun slice of Japanese culture and some fantastic video production.

Check out more of her videos here.

Below, a massive Thomas layout. :)

TRANSLATED: Suzukawa It is a channel of Ayako . Around the railway -related , we will continue to raise the various videos that there is my interest . We have updated almost daily . It is a loose feel , but I would appreciate your favor .Suzukawa Ayako ( Suzukawa Ayako ) March 25, 1991 born

Born : Chiba Prefecture


  1. Dear Malcolm,
    I feel a Japanese Micro coming on...
    (2x1 with 4-track shuttle routes, viewed thru the gap in hi-rise buildings, from somewhere in Shibuya...)
    Happy Modelling,
    Prof K