Thursday, August 20, 2015

Memory Lane - HO and N scale factory

I made a trip over to my parents house and snagged a few boxes of HO scale model rail stuff she had under the house. My Father built me a layout when I was 10, it was up for a while then it got taken down when we moved.

I have no idea what the "value" of all this is if anything, but they mean so much to me. I see this stuff and think, " Dad built a lot of this stuff. Bought a lot of it. Set it all up." I loved going through the boxes and remembering.

Sadly, some of the engines need a lot of work. They've been sitting in boxes for over 30 years! The trucks fell off when I lifted them out of the boxes. I might take them into a shop for repairs. 

And...a lot of track. :)

The original plan was to build a shelf layout - maybe a switcher. However, I'm finding that I'm starting to fill in my office / layout room space. I'm not sure where it will go. So, I'm sitting with it all a while and we'll see what will happen in the future. I'm going to focus on cleaning things up and selling more of my random toy crap to make more room.



  1. Very cool, a few years ago when my Dad got back into the hobby (which got my kids and I back into the hobby) he dug out some of his old equipment. Some of it looks very similar to your pictures, they are probably about the same age.

    He ended up giving his old stuff to me instead of trying to salvage it himself. I refurbished some if it for use and gave it back to him (if it fit in his new theme), refurbished some of it for my kids and I to use. Some of it was too brittle to fix and if it had a sentimental attachment to it became a shelf item and if not it moved on so to speak.

    1. I think these might be in the same "for show only" mode. We'll see what the future holds. Thanks for reading and sharing! :)

  2. Wow, I remember those hook-horn couplers !

    When I was about 9 and in HO I had a ATSF Shock Control box car and that is still one of my favorite paint schemes. I must have almost every one Micro-Trains has done.

    Thanks for sharing this Malcolm.