Tuesday, August 25, 2015


16th International Model Train Convention monorail

Convention site - http://www.att-japan.net/en/event/guide?code=EE000059

 I'm trying to find out more information about this - I just stumbled across it on YouTube and it looks like a lot of fun! However, it seems like there may be some issues with it.

From the YouTube posting:

It is a monorail of the model that was taken in the " 16th International Model Train Convention " . 

Terrible is , I work at the point is properly electric .  

Also of the room model railroad blog iron N gauge of your own layout , railway facilities , state of the diorama exhibition such as

I'm trying to get more details now.


  1. As I know, it is just a tailor made product and not for sell :(

  2. The monorail model was hand-made by Koike Noriyuki (nickname “Rehsi”) of Japan. He makes all kinds of interesting and oddball model railroad creations, which you can find on his website here: Http://www.ecodacs2.nerima.tokyo.jp/rehsi/index.html