Saturday, February 20, 2016

More track progress and some inspiration

This process has been interesting.  I'm not your average model railroader. I don't use track programs. I don't do my bench work properly. (I just cobble it together so I can get started on me real joys.) And, I'm not looking at duplicating prototypical setups. I'm in it for me and for me only and I think I come by it honestly. I'm making the layout for me, not for others. So, I have fun with it.

That said, I'm having fun with it. :)

It's a great process - this tearing up of old items. I'm able to fold in knowledge that I've gotten from working with my old layout setup and I've improved on the whole of it a lot. I know have something that's leaning towards something I'm really enjoying without having to div into the world of DCC or anything like it. My main focus is and will always be the scenes. The trains are a secondary love.

I've split things into three parts as you might have already seen in the video above. High Speed, trams and freight and shipping. I have a lot going on in a relatively small space, so I've tossed in a little of what I like all around like seasoning.

The concept is that I have three cities - Shizuka (larger city) Soyokaze (tourist city) , and Kiwamura (industrial city). I've mixed in some of the switching items and passenger items I've grown to love, so it should keep me busy for a while.

Everything is pretty much the same, but in a different arrangement. I have enough going on to keep me busy. 

I made an effort to keep things lively, folding in elements that I wanted to see on my layout like passing sidings and areas to "park" items. Areas to park passenger cars so I didn't need to remove long trains to run other long trains. Some shipping and industry interest. And, of course, areas to create interesting scenes - the main focus of my layout.

I've been able to actually think through my wants based on what I've played around with before. Now I have something I can run from one location, something that I can see from one locations, and something that has a LOT going on, which I love. 

It was SO HARD to rip finished work up, but it's so worth it.

And, a little PSA for folks who may not have layouts as of yet. All this is just for fun. If you don't think you'l be able to do good bench work or you don't think your efforts will be approved by the model rail masses...pick your battles. You wanna have fun or do you want so do what's approved by others? bench work and track work would NOT fly with many model railroad folks and I know it. I get that they want to do things a certain way - totally fine. But, this process s for me and or me only, really. I share it because I don't have a lot of folks I hang out with that care about model railroading.  I'm just having fun.

If you're on the fence about making something happen for yourself due to "analysis paralysis" or what others may think, but you really want to have something up and running, just go for it. I tell ya, it's worth it! heheheh  I'm having a blast and I'm loving the results!  :)

Happy modeling!

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