Monday, February 22, 2016

Shinkansen curves in place

Andy D. gave me some fantastic advice the other day and I put it to use right away!

I wanted to get some banked curves going for my Kato NEX, but I didn't want to get the double banked curve track Kato offers. My layout was all set with single track and I didn't want to switch things up like that at this stage of the game.

Andy saw my post and chimed in with the fact that you could cut the Kato single curves, then give them a bit of a curved twist, but said that they would stay in gauge if I was careful.

photos from Andy

photos from Andy

I gave it a go with my little saw and it worked like a charm! The area around it needs some finessing and bedazzling :::grin::: but the track has the curve I wanted for sure.

Yes, the plaster material will be painted up and dolled up with scenic materials. :)

The saw system worked like a charm and was very manageable. However, I said, " round I'll try my snips. It'll be a bit faster than the saw, I bet." Well, it was faster for sure, but it tweaked the track a LOT, sending it into a major twist - like a dying snake on hot tarmac. heheheeh So...yeah...if you do it, use the fine, micro-saw! :)  

I'll have three or four spots where I'll use this trick. Loving the look of it. 


I believe that most of the buildings and the like that I have will fit in nicely with the new design. I plan on getting the track dialed in, tested and approved before tossing too many buildings back onto the layout, but I had to place a know....just to see. :)

I had forgotten that I got a HEAVY EQUIPMENT set from Fujimoto Hobby ((Full set pictured on HOBBY SEARCH)). I ordered it along with my N•EX, but it was shipped from a different location evidently. It took far longer to get here. It's always grand when I manage to forget about these overseas orders. Instead of checking the front area for boxes every three hours, I am pleasantly surprised when my daughters come to my office and knock saying, "Daddy, you got something in the mail!"   :)

This is quite the set of trucks and the like. I'll apply the decals, weather them up and scatter them around the layout in various places. I think they'll be a nice addition to the Shizuka, Soyokaze and Kiwamura landscapes.


  1. The flex track may help on that, it will save you time on cutting the track.

    By the way, all the Shinkansen is running on double track, except the Mini Shinkansen. And adding the electric pole will be more real.

    It will be better for you to adding the pole stand when you are setting the track, just a kindly reminder. :)

    1. This system is working rather well so far, but I'll keep the flex in mind for sure. That was my original plan. :)
      I'm not going for real - I'd find a lot wrong with my layout if I were. hehehe I'm going for what works for me. I mean, the reality of my layout is this train is going around in a mile loop around my tiny city. :)
      I thought about the poles, but I'm keeping them off until I get more of the scenery done - less to work around while I'm getting things settled.
      Thanks for reading! LOVING your train roster, Rios. I can see how getting more and more trains can become an addiction - I'm loving having a few to choose from!

    2. You are welcome :)

      What I would like to carry out is the Pole Stand, which place under the track. It gives a hole for you to put the Pole in. It is really important before you fix all the track in place and the ballast.

      Once you have that "stand", you can pull off the Pole at any time.

    3. Ah, the poles I have don't have stands. If they did, I'd go that route for sure. I've seen those. I've had success adding the poles afterwards. I did a test on my old section and had a section with them in. Makes a world of difference!