Monday, February 15, 2016

New Layout Design in Progress

I was going to write a detailed description of my process for my layout remodel, but work and real life go in the way. So, here is a short pictorial with some random descriptions. :)

The location of the redesigned layout area.

Up with the tracks!

Goodbye, subway. Hello new layout table!

Silly. :)

The first steps - slapping some legs on.

Connecting the new layout section to the older section. Relatively seamless.

Distorted pano shot of the situation.

My Father passed away a few years ago, but he would have loved being part of this process. I think of him often when I'm working on things and playing some classic funk and groove tunes. He also loved Hostess Cup Cakes, so I snagged a pack from HOME DEPOT and ate it while working. :)

Playing around with the new Shizuka section and a high speed rail section towards the back of the layout.

Working out the transition from the new section through to the older section. looks like some more track sections are going to be torn out. Time to move more buildings. 

More soon!

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