Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 14th video: Broke through the analysis paralysis!

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Well, I finally got through my over-processing and started working on my layout again. I found that I got wrapped up in the "what if" and "is this REALLY right" nature of the redesign planning and the analysis paralysis gripped me in it's cold claws and stopped me from moving forward for a while.

In moderation, this could be a good thing, but when it stops you from moving on anything, it can be a real drag. Waiting on a few things did allow for thinking through what it was I was trying to achieve, so that was grand. It also allowed me some wiggle room on items that I had in place that really should not ave been there.

The redesign is working well for me and I'm much happier having everything in one space. Now that I'm actually making some progress forward into the realm of scenery, I'm even happier. That's what I really enjoy taking on.

Progress video:

I love it when you're shooting a video and want to show off the trains running around and they just FAIL before making it one time around! hehehe  Same thing happens when people visit the layout. Gremlins slip through and stop things from working properly! :)

I'm very happy with my latest progress on the layout. I've been addressing some issues that had always bothered me and I'm excited about it. The crossing below, for instance. Before, it wasn't really working properly. The street angles and elevations were too much for "real world" buses. They didn't look like they made sense. Same with the Naze Bridge - the on and off areas were far too steep. So, I've gone in and addressed the issues and it's looking way better now. I just need to paint and detail the area now.

Improved intersection area
I'm going to raise the existing Naze Bridge roadway on one side to make it work without redoing the whole bridge. I'll adjust the other side as well to make the slope more realistic. This bugged me from DAY ONE of the final bridge production. I was just trying to make it work with the space that was there.

The other big item is looking at the yard and factory track area to see if it's going to work for me long term. The switching aspect seems like it's going to work, but I would like it a bit more if it had a longer run, I think. Something looping the layout area. However, the way things stand now, I'd have to do some major changes to get this to work and I'm not sure if it's worth it. I plan to sit with it for a few days to see if anything grabs me. I have a small holiday coming up where I've wedged a hobby day in, so I'd like to get it resolved before then so I can get some good work in.

On the FUN side of things, Soyokaze had a visit from THUNDERBIRD 2! :)

Cheers All!

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