Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AH HA! moments on my yard redesign

Latest video:

I spent some more time staring at my layout yesterday. Literally standing over it and staring. I was looking over the yard area this time due to a random thought that went through my head around 3am one morning.  ( Ah...insomnia...)  I thought that the yard was fine and that it would work, but that there might be a few tweaks I could make - small, simple things - that might make it better.

 I had this going and it was working out fine for the most part.

I had the high speed rail spur for parking (toward the middle in the image above), some random storage tracks and engine house, a line going "out" and off, an area for shipping, and a run around area. However something still bothered me.

I played with the shipping area a bit (top center in image below) and it was better, but still not what I wanted.
Then it came to me.  Give things some space. I had the room and now was the time to use it. So, The space I set aside for a hillside with trees was pushed back and I ran a Kiwamura Factory track out from the runaround.  This is a Factory track only and it was just what was needed. More space to do factory work!


I also made more room for shipping with the track change. A little spur to load and unload items. 

Should make for a fun area to scenic. Lots of action like the setup in the harbor area. 

I'm also seeing things take shape around the layout. Areas are slowly slipping back into existence after the re-design blow up and it's fun to see it happening. I'm feeling good about the layout again. 

A bus section at the station to pick up passengers. 

The Soyokaze Temple parking area and crossing grades fixed.

Things coming together in Soyokaze Village and Town areas.

A solid plan for Shizuka with some height variation.

And the town on Soyokaze slowly coming together the way I'd like. Though, I still need to get the streets a bit tighter. :)

So, again, taking time to work things out properly is paying off. It's not a race. I keep reminding myself of that daily. hehehehe  The changes that came out of the re-design are grand and they are making me very happy. 

I took some of the buildings that were packed away out and started placing them in areas to map out where things were going. So far, so good. I had this feeling that I'd have less space and that I'd have to keep some of the buildings off the layout. However, this was totally wrong - I have tons of room. 

It's been a fun process! 



  1. Love the youtube thumbnail, the factory area is a great background!

  2. Your layout has really come along Malcolm!