Thursday, April 7, 2016

Forward Momentum

Today's Blogtrack....

Well, well, well....look at me getting some stuff done last week! heheheh

I took a day off at the end of my vacation to 1. Recover from vacation with a five and three your old camping  : )  and 2. To get a little hobby time in. Then, my wife took the girls up to see her sister the following week, so I had a good run on productivity.

Of course, work SMASHED me this week, so I'm finally getting around to this post almost a week later.

When I knew I had more time this past weekend, I was smart and made a list of items I wanted to take care of. PRO TIP from work - make a list! I hate going into hobby time like a deer in the headlights. "What do I DO?"

But, the thing that rose to the top that wasn't on the list of many things was...wires. I had wires all over from moving track around. The ran under track and just made a mess of things. Now that I have most of the items locked down, I drilled some holes to drop the wires through.

Ahhhh....much better! 

Another item off my list got started during a meeting at work that I just had to sit in on, then got finished up during a lunch time - a small water tower thing. I saw an empty medicine bottle and thought, "That has a nice shape for...something." So, I looked up a few towers and started bashing something together.

At one point, it just turned into a "cut and glue" project. Random pieces just plopped on.

It was kinda fun once I sprayed it. I plan to roll in with another level of details later.

Next....Naze Hashi. First, it turns out that "Naze burijji" is a better name for the Why Bridge. So, it's Naze burijji from here out! :)

I was going to hack something together using the bridge as a base to work from, but after staring at it for a while, I think I might start from scratch, pulling pieces for parts and re-building the whole of the bridge. NEW BEGINNINGS!  Just start over and make an effort to make it better next round.

And, between now and then, take lots and lots of photos to remember it by!

Next on the list, more details on the small, back section "lift out" of the layout. I had a good base down, but it always needed more. So, I started in on the MORE while watching a little TV (LOVING the new DAREDEVIL series on Netflix!:::grin::) The results were an improvement for sure.

And, natural light with real trees in the background is a nice look as well. :)

You can barely see these details from the front of the layout, know...I know they are there!

I played around with the Soyokaze Town arrangement as well. Working better for me now. Smaller streets and more interest.

I stared at Shizuka for a while and managed to talk myself out of another HOBBY SEARCH order for more city stuff...for now. hehehe  But, that's about as far as I got with it.

And, I'm still loving my new doors. :)

I'm not 100% sure what's on deck at the moment. I have a small "hill" started in the other back portion of the layout. I might pull that and start working it up after my daughter goes to sleep Friday and Saturday - my wife will be out of town with my 5 year old, so I'll have some time in the evenings. I need to refer to my list and come up with a game plan! 

But...for now...I'll just keep inching forward....and I'll keep making an effort to stay off of HOBBY SEARCH!  :)


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