Friday, April 22, 2016

Toy Town and Sweet's Shoppe progress

And, the music selection for this post....  :)

I've been making locations for my kids and wife. I think it's a fun little touch. I plan on spots for my parents as well, including one for my Father who passed away back in 2011. (( Whew...that was a while back now. :(   ))

However, I noticed that I had not made anything for my youngest as of yet. She's three and hasn't noticed (hehehe) , but I did and wanted to get something in place for her. After a few questions, we decided that her place would be a little sweets shop.

I had a small building, but wanted to make something that was a little cooler and more interesting. So, I decided to kitbash something up. I had two main pieces - the little building and a small PRINGLES can I had sprayed a while ago.

I started planning and wanted to keep things simple - easy to do, really. Things came together rather well. A piece of styrene as a base for the can, that on top of the small building, then thinking through some elements like an ice cream cone that had been requested for the front. :)

I wanted to add some flair, so I worked up some more styrene elements - two poles for the front and a wavy element for the top to add to the whimsy of the structure.

I popped the top off and was planning to paint it the requested pink when I remembered that I had a can of pink spray paint for a project my other daughter had requested. ( No airbrush as of yet ) So, the task was super easy.

The perfect, candy pink!

With the building coming along, I decided to work on the ice cream element. ( I write this now I want ice cream....)  I went with a painterly style.

The requested "rainbow" look.

While I was in painting mode, I added the other request - pink accents for my five year old's TALIA'S TOY TOWN.

I added some stripes to the little door area on the roof to make it look like a piece of candy.


They both need more elements that I still need to create. The SWEETS SHOPPE will have a large "window" in the front - a printed, Photoshop candy shop look with two levels. A blue plastic will go over the top of it. I wanted to see if it will work - we'll see. (After I get a printer cartridge or two for our color printer!) It will also have a SENECA'S SWEETS SHOPPE sign, of course - in English and Japanese if I can work it out.

TOY TOWN needed a better sign. I made the original a few years back and between rushing it and not having the skills I have now, it was very...."bush league" and too simple.

Some detail shots.
With ice cream

SPACE RUNAWAY IDEON photo op!!!!  :)

Action inside

I've popped the buildings back onto the layout for now. I'll go in for ROUND TWO of details and signage in a bit. Stay tuned for updates! :)

Of course, now my son Drake needs a larger space. Originally, I placed his restaurant location in his sister's Hotel location. Now it seems like he should have his OWN location, too. Yeah, that's only right. :) I think this spot will change soon.....   :)


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