Thursday, April 14, 2016

Scatch Built Loading Dock - BUILT!

I was prowling around looking for a Japanese loading dock for my shipping area and could not find one. Then, I looked for source images of Japanese loading docks and...I'm not sure they exist! hehehe
However, I wanted one, so I just built it out of styrene! I believe it worked out well.


I snapped some iPhone photos of the build. I think I'm getting better with my styrene builds. It's encouraging. I'm going to make another bridge now that I have a bit more patience, skill, and my magnification headset with lights! SO MUCH BETTER working with it, especially on the smaller details.

Here are the basic build shots.

After I got the main section built, I gave it a spray. Sadly, with just a rattle can - I still don't have an airbrush. The grey with a chalk finish went on like a dream, however when I tried to layer in a black, it sputtered and messed the whole thing up.

But...the milk was spilled already, so I just wiped it to blend it, then hit it with another coat of grey and it worked like a charm for some grime. 

Wipe portion towards the top

Annnnd...some additional details and I was good to go.

It's really working well in place, too.

No...the helicopter isn't going to stay on the roof. :)

So, about $6 of styrene got me the little loading area I wanted. Not a bad bit of saving there. Can't wait to try my hand at the bridge soon!


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