Thursday, April 21, 2016

N•EX / Narita Express Train Ride

From the  鈴川絢子/Suzukawa Ayako  YouTube Channel

Suzukawa Ayako takes her son for a ride on the Narita Express! :)


  1. Hi Malcolm,

    Wow, he's grown quickly ! You know up until a few years ago you never saw people bring a baby stroller on the train in Japan. The women carried the kid on their backs until they were big enough to walk.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. RIGHT?! It's amazing to have seen her before the baby, during the pregnancy, and now after doing things like this with him. I saw this and thought the same thing. "Wait a minute...he's a toddler now?! That's crazy!" :)
      I can see where a stroller in Japan would be impractical. There were times where I opted to carry my kids instead of using the stroller when we lived in San Francisco. The drama around space issues was just NOT worth it to me.
      I can see her doing this in a more suburban area, too. Most likely less crowded.
      Thanks for reading!