Monday, June 27, 2016

Soyokaze, Shizuka, and Kiwamura June 2016

 A quick photo update on Soyokaze, Kiwamura, and Shizuka. I like taking a snapshot series every once in a while to make note of what I'm making progress on and what I'm not touching. :)

Some detail work was done of Shizuka. I may still rearrange the area at one point.
I plan to have a ton of details like this one. (Tomytec)

Soyokaze Town Side

More scenery started in Kiwamura. I need to add more in.


Kiwamura Station. The basic idea is in, but not much else.

I have the back foam pieces in place in Soyokaze.

Another shot of the pink foam. :) Panel 02 (center)  is sprayed now and ready to detail up!


Kiwamura Yard

Another shot of Kiwamura Station with the factory in the background

A train rolling through Soyokaze passed Soyokaze Temple.

There are LOTS of deer at Soyokaze Temple. Very tame. :)

Soyokaze Harbor train being loaded up.

The Kato NEX passing through Kiwamura

I'm happy with Shizuka from this angle! :)

Some Shizuka building signage

More Shizuka track work needed

STILL picketing! These folks are ALWAYS angry about SOMETHING!

Kiwamura Station

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