Friday, June 17, 2016

Zee time for Z scale iz NOW!

(Someone said I should be more creative with my titles) :)

I was just paging through the HOBBY SEARCH email update catalogue and something caught my eye. A tiny...TINY layout pictured on the page.

I was thinking about all those train lovers out there who lament the lack of space for a layout. Obviously, the ones doing that that can "make do" with a smaller setup just so they could have SOMETHING to play with.

This track set is around $80 USD

This seems like a fun option. A small layout to have on a desktop at an office or a small table at home. Something to just watch a train move around on for fun.

Rokuhan  ( ROKUHAN on HOBBY SEARCH ) is just one of many companies putting out some Z scale items that seem like they'd be a lot of fun to play around with on a desktop or the like. Just something for folks to keep in mind of they are looking for some train fun on a very small scale.

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