Friday, July 15, 2016

July 13 - Hello, progress.

Getting lots done during lunches and early evening - before heading up to the house -  hobby time.  For us busy schedules folks, you have to fit your time in where you can. I've been making great use of the time I have these days. Mostly out of necessity! I need my hobby time to stay sane! hehehe

This little Sankei kit was fun. A little shop area that made a fine addition to my Soyokaze Village section. As I said in my latest iPhone Video Update, I'm not thrilled with the plastic under he scene, but it allows me to move it around if need be.


Picked up two more buses. I'm addicted to buses.

One of the new TOMYTEC buildings I purchased recently. Not as much hobby time involved in putting these together, but still fun.

Nice little shot.  :)

Freight running past the factory.

Another new Greenmax detail addition.

The new Soyokaze section in back - section 3 of 4.

And the new Soyokaze section 2 of 4. Even got my AstroTurf crops in there! :)

It blends well with the other sections and the main Soyokaze Village area. 

 Thanks for reading!

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