Friday, July 15, 2016

June NRAIL projects we are in July and I am finally getting around to publishing this post. Silly. :)

Just some shots of my projects that I had going at the end of June.


Sankei warehouse. Probably the best build I've done to date.

Another Sankei kit. NOT the best build, but a fun one. 

Older build on the right, the new one on the left.

What a WONKY build this was! hehehe  Nothing is working well.

I got the skirts in right before the Australia visitors arrived! Whew. Makes a world of difference.  Everything looks MUCH cleaner and more tidy...even when it's not very tidy. It's nice to have a place to hide boxes.

Tracks all clean and at the ready for visitors. The trains and trams performed well under pressure! :)

A big shout out to our grand visitors - my wife and I loved entertaining! She said, "I've been trying to stay out of your plans, but I can't help it. I love to entertain!"  hehehe  Thanks to Tom Barbalet of MODEL RAIL RADIO and his "Spiritual Advisor" for setting up the visit!

Happy travels to Ros and Jim!

Thanks for reading! 

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