Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dibs and Dabs of Items

I've spent a little time on some detail items on the layout. Little things here and there that I've had on my list. Ideal for lunchtime mini-projects.

I've continued adding foliage. It's making a world of difference for me on my layout. 

I also added a few more little detail items here and there. Like this fence section. I plan on adding a lot more.

Some power poles from Tomytec.

I did a small water pour, finally. It was difficult - I didn't really set aside a space for water. However, there were some natural spots that were natural water location spots.

Another Tomytec item went in - a small bridge. Again, it was a natural spot for it. I'm looking at it as a creek area that's dry in the summer, but flowing in the winter.

A Tori Gate went in in Soyokaze Temple.

There are so many more details that need to go in. I have a running list. It's fun adding the smaller stuff. I really enjoy the smaller detail items and stories. It's going to be years of these mini-projects and I'm really looking forward to it. :)