Thursday, November 17, 2016

Of Ghosts and Paper Buildings

The Devil's in the Details

I finally got around to making my Soyokaze Temple Ghost! It was an interesting process.

My original idea was to use hot glue and create a figure from it to make a see-thru character. That was proving to be somewhat pointless in N scale.

First, I glued a simple Kato figure to a piece of plastic.

Then, I had a plan to use some green, hobby putty to craft a flowing dress, but the putty I had had dried out. heh So, rather than wait another week or four for a time I could make it out to get more putty, I tried white glue.

So, I gave the plastic from my fake water a try, but...that didn't work 100% either. It wasn't easy to work with the plastic before it cooled. However, it got a little detail into the dress.

I hit the whole of it with white paint and made sure I did a little wisp of white on the plastic. I wanted to make it look like she was leaving a trail behind her.

I painted in some flowing black hair to complete the JU-ON style look and feel of the figure. :)

I glued the plastic into a heavy base on plastic so I could move her around for various photo-ops. It worked like a charm. Especially looking at the rocks as the poor ghost's last resting place in the lore of my layout space.

And, it looks right in place! I'm really happy with the way it turned out overall.

I managed to build another Sankei kit. More complex than the last kit I built and a little more tricky. It was a fun kit. The Sankei kits are a ton of fun to build. 

I love this stairway detail!

 I wasn't sure where to place the finished building. I'm still playing with the placement.

Not a bad spot, but I'm not thrilled with it.

A much more interesting location.
The layout is coming along.

Some folks have asked about the layouts pace and the size. I basically have two sections going.

Soyokaze is about 12 feet by 4 feet.

The Kiwamura and Shizuka sections are about 9 feet by 6 feet. A doughnut, if you will. :)

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Maybe you can use iron wire to replace the plastic. It is thinner than the plastic I think.

    1. I actually gave that some thought. I might switch it out at some point - do another version, but I kinda like the trail that I'm able to do on the plastic. And, with the bare eye on the layout, it's not very visible.
      However, the wire option is still very much on the table. :)