Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sankei Kit Building: Advances in the Hobby

I keep making small strides in paper kit learning. Little things are making these Sankei model kits much easier to put together. The basics are all the same - sharp knife, the right glue (ROKET Card Glue, in this case), and space to spread out a bit and make sure all the parts are in order.

Keeping the glue lighter when applying it and trying to put it on the inside of the building more than on the outside to avoid the shine the Roket glue leaves on the paper is a biggie as well.

Testing parts and how they go together is a MAJOR piece of this puzzle. Huge. The Roket glue is super fast - you don't want to be saying, "Oops!" and trying to pull parts apart with this stuff.

This was a little thing that made another big difference. The card is thick and when you cut out the roof pieces, you get a very white edge. It's blinding. I was putting them on, then trying to color the edge to kill off the white, but I found that it's WAY easier to hit it with a marker BEFORE gluing it! hehehehe  It's the little things.

I love the rooftop details Sankei kits give. Very dimensional and rich. They also include other details like brickwork and the like which really helps to sell it.

Topping the whole of it off with signage details - provided by Sankei, and other details that I've saved over the years helps to make the model pop.

I need to hit the top left corner on the sign with a knife! :)

And, once in place, the Sankei kits play nicely with other kits - even the plastic kits. The Sankei offerings are fantastic. If you have not tried them before, you might want to give them a shot!


  1. Wow! Very nice. :-)

    I'm conceptualizing a small interlocking tower in a mission rival style for our CP and was thinking about using mat board and styrene... This is very interesting stuff; thank you.


    1. JIM GORE in the group is a major card stock modeler. I actually submitted a small piece for a book he's writing on the subject.
      I love it. It's inexpensive and easy one you get it down. Well worth looking into. Styrene is another good one. Looking forward to seeing what comes of your explorations! :)