Monday, June 13, 2011

Beautiful KATO building modification!

This inspiring work really hits the mark! This relatively simple modification to the KATO "Broadcast Building" (item 23-436) opens it up and makes it look more like a building would look in real life. While the KATO business buildings are fantastic, they all have something just a LITTLE off about them. In this case, it was the fact that the building just had one row of large windows in the front with some tiny windows on the side. It has other great details like a row of stairs in the back side and a cool lobby entrance area, so the miss on the windows seemed a little sad. Such an easy thing to address...and QUINNTOPIA did just that!

The modification is the row of windows on the left side of the building - previously a stark and blank wall. The addition of lights, built out floors and details really sends this mod to the top of the "OH MY GAWD! SO COOL!" list.

I own this building and liked it...until I saw this modification. Now it's just ok. :) It's amazing to see what a little time and effort can do. I'm excited about trying some of this kind of modification in the future.

Full article is located here - you'll want to bookmark Quinntopia for sure:


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