Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hamburger Joint Remodel: Before

I purchased this at a local hobby shop on a lark. It had a neat look and was ready to drop into my setup right out of the box. I placed it on my work layout and it worked well...except for the lack of detail. And the cheesy nature of the thing as a whole. The cars are empty shells. The building itself was empty except for a counter. The three figures were little blobs of plastic - silly looking.

I stare at this model while on the phone or between tasks and would snarl at it. It was the perfect model of cheap. It had to be altered.

I took some pictures and had at it, chopping it up as quickly as I could. The cars are crap and not worth keeping. Same with the people. I saved the counter, the parking lot area and the main building. I needed to add a place to cook, to store food and a little prep area.

See Hamburger Joint Remodel: After for more.

More photos here:


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