Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pola N210 - Lokschuppen on base

I have the building on the base and the ballast down. (The excess is still on) I think this will work nicely.

You can see the tracks leading into the building are up and out of the scene at the moment. I plan to do some heavy blending with additional ballast and paint to push it into the scene more.

The small scoop Caterpillar may stay as part of the scene. I like it. I'll also add additional trucks around the building - I figure the workers I'm planning to add will either drive their own trucks or carpool, but I need more than ONE truck in the scene! :)

Next steps:
• More weathering to the building
• The addition of a fence and/or shrubs to blend the building base into the ballast area
• Blending the tracks into the scene
• Adding weathered train cars - I have a crane car that will be awesome in this scene!
• Adding the workers and their cars


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