Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pola N210 - Lokschuppen

I started work on the Pola Lokschuppen or roundhouse kit and knew it was going to be fantastic to build right off the bat.
The pieces went together really well with little to no tweaking needed. Some of the parts had some extra mold snips needed, but that was rather minor.
The base had some nice details built into it as well - some small rocks and logs - that will add to the overall scene once I paint them up.

Loving it.

While this kit doesn't really go with my other looks and feels for Briddon (the fictitious town and city I see all my train stuff living in) I figure it would be easy to play off as some throw back architecture that someone liked long ago and built up. Either that or this is simply not part of the Briddon area at all. That would work as well. :)

the overall idea for this is taking time and adding some details to the overall scene. Folks working, some weathered train cars, weathering the building itself, and plants and vegetation around the scene. Should be fun!

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