Sunday, July 24, 2011

Selling finished scenes - what do YOU think?

I was just sitting here thinking - "What if I were to build these scenes out, then sell them? Would people buy them?"

It's an interesting idea. If I could fuel my own hobby interests, it would be fantastic! The hobby could pay for itself AND I wouldn't have the items laying all over the house once they were finished. However, they'd have to sell in order for that plan to work. My mother makes jewelry and loves it. The idea was to make it, sell it, then buy more jewels and the like to make more. However, the buying and making come nowhere close to the selling part and now she has a lot of "inventory" left over. I don't want to be in THAT spot.

I figure the key points are:
• Would anyone want to buy this stuff?
Maybe people with little to no time, but a desire to have a little building at work to stare at?

• Would people pay a price that would cover the materials used?
This scene has a lot of little items in it - the buildings, fire escapes, cars, trees and people, plus the base and foam core. Let's call it an even $120 in materials. Without adding for my time and effort, that's still a lot of cash for a scene. If I were to add say...$30 for "craft", we're at $150.

So, what do YOU think? Drop me a line in the comments and give your two cents! :)



  1. Malcolm. I think you stand a good chance of selling 'scenes' if they are either of recognisable location, of some historic significance, or visibly cliched (like the classic burning house or accident site). If these are decently executed, they have some desirability.

  2. Ahhhh...interesting!
    That makes sense. Definitely something to look into. And, fun for me, which is important as well.

    Thanks for the feedback!