Monday, March 12, 2012

Interiors in N

There are many books to choose from
I've been playing around with more interior paste ups and they seem to be working well. What I've found is that the details are really nice to have on the interiors even though the windows may not allow for a full view inside. It looks like SOMETHING is going on in there and that sells it more than an empty shell.  The smaller size also allows for being a bit sloppy with scale. Some items just are not recognizable through the windows, so some of the items are just wall texture over actual items.
WHAT?! Books, books and...meat? :)
This series of buildings will be used for wiring experiments, so the interiors may be more visible than they have been in past models. First I need to figure out HOW to wire something up, then I'll play with the actual lights to get the effect I want. While I like this buildings, I'm not super attached to them, so I'll play with the lighting here and transfer that knowledge to Soyokaze when I wire that up for light.


  1. This looks great !

    Once you start adding interior detail to store fronts, they just don't look right without it.

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, I had to go back and start adding to my empty, Japanese buildings once I started dropping interior details in. I've hit all the buildings where the interior can be seen. Once I get lighting going, I'll do another round. (Some of the buildings are too dark to see into without lighting)

      Thanks for looking!