Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Troels Kirk

Some amazing work by Troels Kirk - a danish artist painter, living in southern Sweden and doing some fantastic railroad modeling. His work is detailed and realistic and his buildings are made mostly of paper. His painting, weathering and detail work is top notch. His work has a three dimensional painting quality to it that I absolutely love.  

He also has a wonderful look to his water which plays a key part of many of his scenes. The addition of layered, ambient sound piped through a hidden speaker system really makes this a complete work of art.

He recently appeared on MODEL RAIL RADIO:
Model Rail Radio #52: Europe Slightly Censored [February 11, 2012]
In the interview, he talks about his style, workflow and goes over some of his processes. WELL worth checking out.

He also has a DVD for sale. I have it noted and I'm currently squirreling money away for it! :)
60 minutes NTSC
Price US$ 30 plus $5 shipping

Trailer for the DVD

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