Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More cool Shibuya reference images

The most awesome DANNY CHOO has some great Shibuya images up. More awesome detail, building styles and items I MUST include when building out my downtown Shizuka layout! 
If you're a Japan-fan like me, you have to visit Danny Choo's site Culture Japan. It's amazing and packed with information.

I'd like to build up some custom buildings using buildings as bases. Looking at what is available from Japan, there are some simple changes I can make to the building designs to create whole new structures like some of the ones pictured in this Shibuya photo series. I also have my eye on the advertisements. The buildings are PLASTERED with ads and signage that will be a fun addition as well.
Now...I just need a space to set it all up. :(   The loss of my office at work is indeed a sad thing because it means the loss of my train table. However, I have not given up hope. I might be able to fit the layout into a corner of my desk space. Once I see the new space, I'll see what I can manage. In a way, it will add a little excitement and change while I wait to see what next year brings in the way of a living space that might support the Shizuka (downtown) and Soyokaze (old town) sections in ONE SPACE! :)

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