Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time to wire things up

I realized today that I won't be happy with my Old Town Soyokaze layout unless I wire it up with lights. I need to see the soft, orange glow coming from the buildings and light fixtures on the street. 

So...time to bite the bullet and learn about wires and voltage and all that madness. 


Guess I'll start here:

Any and all suggestions are welcome! 

Quinntopia had an awesome lighting overview in his SKYNET building video, but it was over my head for the most part. I'm sure time and study will help in clearing things up. 

If you missed QUINNTOPIA's BUILDING SKYNET video, you can find it here:

He has some great station wiring images up now as well:

~~~ LATER~~~~
Well, I found this tutorial. It should help A LOT.
LED Tutorial -

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