Monday, June 25, 2012

Soyokaze, Japan - Progress Photos

Soyokaze progress is being made! Whew.

I've done a little more work on Soyokaze Station and I'm pretty pleased for the most part. I think another detail pass will be good - weathering the building walls and roofs and adding in a little more grass and gravel work.

I have a few things going on here in the scene. The base is just plywood (sadly, slightly warped). I have the Bandai chibi tram, Portram and two Gashapon Trams (non-runners) in the front area. The awesome, laser cut metal fence runs along the front side. The buildings are both Tomytec "kits" as well as the station platform and I love them. I'm a big fan of the Tomytec stuff. It's made modeling Japan possible for me.

I shot most of these photos outside and the natural light made me very happy. I hope to drag the rest of the layout outside this summer to shoot it as well once I make a little more progress.

Soyokaze Station circa 2012

Soyokaze Station circa 2012

Sadly, my PORTRAM broke. I got it overseas and don't have the box, so getting it repaired will be a challenge. :(

Somewhat shady business dealings at the station?

Gashapon tram

The station in place

FIG 8 - The station in place
To be added:
• Additional people
• Additional foliage
• Path tie-in to the main set - Seen in FIG 8, the station path will tie into the white hill path and the sidewalk area that wraps around the front of the layout. 
• Building weathering




Comments welcome, as always.

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