Tuesday, June 5, 2012

T Scale

I was participating the latest MODEL RAIL RADIO on June 2nd (hmph...I really need to order that t-shirt and represent!) and someone asked me about T scale and if I had checked it out. Someone else had asked me before and I had written it down, but had not checked it out. I finally got around to it and I had some thoughts about it.

Small. MAN, is this small! heheheh  1:450  In a way, it's fun and allows for someone without a lot of space - like myself - to have a mini empire with lots of buildings and trains running without the hit space wise. This appeals to me and I have to say that I did give thought to getting some of this going on my desk at work. :)  However the size of the trains give it that "too fast" feel when you see them running.

The videos I've seen make the trains look like bugs or mice zipping around at a speed that doesn't look "real" - a personal nit of mine. I like to see the trains running at speed and slowly sweeping through the tiny landscape, not scurrying around.

The fact that you can pack a LOT into a small space is cool for the building lover side of me. I think a small layout scene with a building cityscape in this scale would be a lot of fun. The size might allow for some rather cool scenic views. I've even thought about the addition of T scale into my future N scale large layout placed into the background to add to the scene depth - a far off area of the city with the use of a sort of forced perspective. This has been done very effectively in the past with HO and N.

A fun little part of the model rail world for sure.

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