Monday, June 18, 2012

Soyokaze Roads

I finally painted up the roadbeds I laid down. I was being a little sloppy about the process initially, but then I thought it might make more sense to work cleaner in general, then go in with additional fine details afterwards. (Road lines and side foliage and the like)  I'm pleased with how the road and the area under the houses seemed to tie things together nicely.

The pad for the bus parking area was painted gray even though I plan to overlay it with gravel. The same was done with the area where the gray truck is parked in front of the shack in Figure 01. I'll go back in on those areas for future, mini-projects.

Figure 01

Figure 02
Figure 02 shows the gate in place and the bus pad area. The story behind the the gate is that the vendors are allowed to drive trucks in to drop things off and special cases are made for special guests of the Temple, but most traffic is not allowed beyond that point.

Figure 03
In Figure 03 you can see a figure (very small, of course) at the bottom left. They are standing on the sidewalk area that runs in front of the hillside area. This will run around the left side of the hill from the station. There will also be another path up the hill directly in front of the station area. (Seen in the bottom of Figure 05) The street areas of the hillside area will be gone over again for weathering and details, but the general colors will be the same. These were based on some reference photos I found. The brown hill areas will eventually be covered with grasses and bushes.
Figure 04

Figure 05

Overall, I'm really happy with the way this is working out right now. It's moving forward enough where the smaller, quicker projects are coming up and it will make quick hobby times easier. Grass, bushes, scratch built styrene shacks and details and various other tuning items will go on for the rest of the year.  I also have some larger projects like the station and the area towards the bottom left of Figure 05 with the three buildings on it that will be larger, longer projects.

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