Sunday, July 15, 2012

AC Studio Flickr Set!  :)

AC Studio's diorama in N Scale work is fantastic. It's exactly what I'm aiming for as far as my own work goes. Rich detail and fantastic scene work abound in this series or photos.


He also gives a fantastic breakdown of how he gets the layout built up from the base up. Well worth a look for any modeler, really - it's a great, step-by-step look at his process that was very helpful.

The scene work is grand. Rich in details and action, his work is full, yet doesn't feel cramped. There is a lot of great thinking behind it. The use of height helps as well, building up rather than building wide.

As I stated before, I had planned on having a fishing area with boats for a while, but seeing this layout has filled me with SO MANY ideas that I'm very excited about starting the process. I'm also planning to use some of these techniques on my main Soyokaze module as well!

Great work!  


  1. Wow, fantastic stuff! We can learn so much from his method. This is the result of a LOT of planning. Makes me want to buy a case of foamcore, a roll of tinfoil, and build something!

    Thanks for posting.

    1. RIGHT?! I can't wait to get home to start in on my little fishing harbor module to play around with these techniques! I like how his major points are "didn't cost a lot of money" and "didn't take a lot of time", too! :)